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Products and Prices
Prices subject to change without notice.
Product Price
Skim Milk $3.00
2% Milk $3.00
Whole Milk $3.25
Pitcher $3.00
Ice Cream Sandwich $2.50
Cheese Curds $4.00
Cubies $4.00
String Cheese $3.00
Beef Sticks $3.00
Ice cream
1 quart $4.00
2 quart $7.50
5 quart $15.00


Now Available: Skim Milk

Tetzner's Dairy offers 2%, Whole, and Skim milk. A gallon of milk is sold in two half gallon bags packaged in a larger bag, as pictured below. The bags can be placed in a pitcher for easy pouring. Milk is bagged every other morning, so it is always fresh. The milk does not contain BGH.

Milk Bag Half Gallon of Milk Whole Gallon of Milk Milk Pitcher

Watch How the Milk is Bagged

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream Containers Tetzner's Dairy has six flavors on hand all the time: Vanilla, Chocolate, French Chocolate Mint, Cherry Nut, Strawberry, and Peppermint. Chocolate Cookie has limited avalibility, and Holiday Special and Cinnamon are only made at certain times of the year. During the winter months ice cream is made about once every two weeks, and during the summer months ice cream is made about once a week. Tetzner's ice cream comes in three different sizes: 1 quart, 2 quart, and 5 quart. All Tetzner's ice cream contains: cream, whole milk, skim powder, sugar, stabilizer, and salt.

[Ice Cream Sandwiches] Tetzner's Dairy ice cream sandwiches are made by hand. The ice cream is packaged in square containers and later cut into ice cream sandwiches, packaged, and sold.

Ice Cream Sandwich Flavors

Cheese Products

Tetzner's purchases cheese from Anderson Distributors in Baldwin, WI, a company that picks up cheese from Wisconsin cheese factories. The cheese curds come from Nasonville Dairy in Marshfield, WI.

Cheese Curds Cubies Beef Stick String Cheese

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